Our fees are set up in a manner to ensure our impartiality at all times and to ensure the long term nature of our relationship with you. The incentive therefore is on us to provide an excellent ongoing service to you. We endeavor to represent you and your best interests at all times.

All fees/commissions/charges are discussed with our clients and will be clearly agreed before proceeding.

Duffy Financial Advisor fees come from three sources:

Financial Planning Fees:

These fees are to cover the advice part of your financial plan.
This includes the initial first meeting which is at our expense.

Implementation Fees:

After completion of the initial financial plan you make
the decision if you need a pension, life or business protection, savings, investments etc.
We can do a fair analysis of the market to ensure you
get the most competitive quote.
Our fees for this are normally paid by way of commission from the provider.

Investment Advice Fees:

To provide ongoing advice in relation to our client’s investments, we charge an annual percentage based fee. This fee is usually deducted from the clients investment policy by the policy provider and paid to Duffy Financial Advisors.
If you elect to deal with us on a fee only basis the following fees would apply:

Advisor Fees: €200 per Hour
Support staff: €75 per hour

Contact us now for an initial consultation which is at our expense

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