Regular Savings

Everyone has financial goals of one sort or another. From savings for a deposit on a first house, to saving for your children’s education to saving for a second home or simply for extra financial security in retirement, a regular savings plan can help you reach these goals and more.

A regular savings plan places your money into unit-linked managed funds where it is invested in assets with growth potential such as equities and bonds.

Regular savings plans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Here at Duffy Financial Advisors we can help you review all your options, review your savings goals and ensure you choose a plan that offers all the return, access and capital security you are looking for.

What are the benefits of a Regular Savings Plan?

Your money gets access to a wide range of investment assets with good growth potential.

  • You will usually enjoy more attractive potential returns than bank deposits.
  • You can choose a level of access to your money that suits you.
  • You can balance risk and reward to suit your savings ambitions.

Lump Sum Investments

Hopefully there will be times in your life when you come into a relatively substantial sum of money. This may come in the form of an inheritance, profits from the sale of property or business or a company bonus.

It makes sense to place some of this into a bank deposit where you can get easy access to it should you need it. But for the balance you need to think hard about how you can get the best return possible.

This is where you should consider a lump sum investment. The modest returns on bank deposits may be eroded by inflation, but by investing your money you are giving it every opportunity to grow. While this involves certain amount of capital risk, by investing over the medium to long term in assets such as equities you are giving yourself the best chance of achieving your financial ambitions.

What are the benefits of Lump Sum Investment?

Your money gets access to high growth potential assets such as equities

  • You can choose to mix of funds that matches your appetite for risk and reward
  • Your money is relatively easy to access
  • You can invest with confidence for the medium to long term

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