I know it is a strange heading for a Financial blog but just today for the first time in over 33 years in this business I left a client meeting with tears in my eyes.  A client of ours in his early 70s was in for an ARF review.  After over 40 years in business all he had was the state pension and this ARF which was not very large.  He came in to take a lump sum out of it to help pay for his wifes cancer operation.  You see he had done the same over 12 months ago and at the time he confirmed that the funds taken from the ARF were for a life saving operation for his wife.  He told me at todays meeting that she had the cancer back and needed these additional funds for another life saving operation. He said without these funds to pay for the operation she would not survive.  At the meeting he was quite emotional and was very appreciative of his ARF.  This was very powerful for me as it really hits home at the core what we as Financial Advisors do for our clients and the very important role we play in peoples lives!!!

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