What we do as Financial Advisors

I have just got off the phone from speaking to a client of mine of 15 years. She is aged 39. A long time ago she asked me to arrange mortgage protection cover for her of €250,000. She recently rang me to advise she had a brain tumour and was receiving ongoing treatment in Dublin. She has a young family and has no choice but to continue working to pay the mortgage and put food on the table each week. She has been under a lot of stress between having to work and deal with the ongoing treatment. When she took out the policy with Zurich Life I advised her to also include serious illness cover as a very important extra on her policy. The bank only required life cover. However, she decided to go ahead with this advice. We assisted her with the claim documents for Zurich Life and I called her today to let her know her mortgage can now be cleared as Zurich Life are paying her serious illness claim. The client was so relieved to hear this and very appreciative of the advice. Sometimes we Financial Advisors need a little reminder of the very valuable part we play in our clients’ lives.

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